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MYL International Investment Group focuses on job creation and development of new commercial businesses in the United States utilizing international investments. We are currently focusing on projects that include operating affordable clinics and small office buildings. We help investors purchase residential, commercial and other investment properties in the USA and, if applicable, enroll in the EB-5 immigration program to begin their stable and joyful lives in the USA.



Get Expert Advice from Our Team of Professionals

Mabel Liu | President
Mabel created MYL to help other investors find valuable opportunities to invest and secure their future while helping communities grow and prosper. With a Master in Business Administration and over 10 years in investment and real estate, Mabel is prepared to help clients discover the right EB-5 opportunity and build strong investment portfolios.
Tom Zeng | Director
Tom’s service in top management positions in European and American multinational companies along with his years of entreprenuerial experience have prepared him for success at MYL. His profound analytical skills and strategic thinking make him a powerful ally for any investor.
Jeremy Miller | Partner & Broker
A seasoned businessman and real estate professional, Jeremy has become an expert in finding the perfect investments and real estate opportunities. Years of mentorship and experience make Jeremy a trusted source for knowledge on booming real estate and investment opportunities.